10 Healthy Chain Restaurant Breakfasts for Truck Drivers While on the Road

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you’re on the road, finding a breakfast that fits your budget and your food plan can be challenging. But just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you have to down an entire days’ worth of calories before noon.

Here are 10 chain restaurant breakfasts that come in under 500 calories. Better yet, most of these include breakfast foods that are optimal for weight loss. So if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, or just wanting to maintain your weight and eat healthy, these are some excellent choices for you to consider.

1. Denny’s – Fit Slam – 390 Calories
Denny’s Fit Slam uses protein-rich egg whites scrambled with fresh spinach and mini-tomatoes. The Fit Slam is served with lean turkey bacon strips, an English muffin and seasonal fruit.

2. Bonefish Grill – California Omelet – 400 Calories
This less-than-400-calorie omelet dish includes crispy Applewood-smoked bacon pieces, cheddar cheese and carmelized onions with a garnish of tomatoes and sliced avocado. For those who are following a low-carb diet, this dish fits the bill with a whopping 26 grams of protein and only 3 grams of net carbs.

3. Friendly’s – Breakfast Sampler – 481 Calories
Looking for some variety? Friendly’s Breakfast Sampler offers 2 eggs, a choice of 2 applewood-smoked bacon strips or 2 sausage links and a vanilla yogurt parfait with layers of fruit and granola. You can order the eggs cooked your way. Want to reduce your calories even further? Order the yogurt parfait without the granola, saving you added sugar too.

4. Shoney’s – Veggie Omelet – 440 Calories
A veggie omelet is almost always a healthy choice, but is especially a good bet at Shoney’s. The veggie omelet at Shoney’s is loaded with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

5. Au Bon Pain – Superfood Cranberry Almond Hot Cereal – 279 Calories
The superfood oatmeal at Au Bon Pain is perfect for when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to sit down and wait for your food. It’s stuffed with heart-healthy flax seeds, almonds, and a blend of whole grains such as oats, quinoa, and puffed amaranth. This delicious pick will give you that satisfied feeling for hours because it is chock-full of fiber, protein and healthy fats.

6. IHOP – Egg White Vegetable Omelet with Side of Fresh Fruit – 380 Calories
Although a regular omelet that includes egg yolks is fine (the yolks give you choline and mood-boosting B vitamins), the egg white vegetable omelet at IHOP is a safe bet at only 380 calories. Skip the toast and enjoy a side of seasonal fruit for added vitamins and fiber.

7. Einstein Bros – Bagels Nova Lox and Bagel – 480 Calories
Tired of the same old breakfast? Try this hearty Nova lox bagel that will definitely tide you over until lunchtime. This sandwich offers heart-healthy omega-3s and 22 grams of protein, both essential for healthy hair. At 1,300 mg of sodium, this meal is not a good choice for people with high blood pressure or anyone watching their sodium intake.

8. Starbucks – Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal – 220 Calories
This is a delicious take on cholesterol-lowering oatmeal. Sweetened with dried fruits and fresh blueberries, this oatmeal is topped with a fruit, nut and seed medley, pepitas, and dried cranberries. If you are watching your sugars, you can opt-out of the agave syrup.

9. Chick-Fil-A – Egg White Grill – 300 Calories
Chick-Fil-A is known for delicious, juicy chicken sandwiches. If you love chicken, you will most likely enjoy the Egg White Grill with lean grilled chicken, egg whites, and American cheese on a toasted multi-grain English muffin.

10. Perkins – Oven-Baked Vegetable Frittata – 470 Calories (without toast)
This delicious oven-baked frittata offers a delicious twist on your average egg omelet. It comes loaded with mushrooms, red peppers, onions, broccoli, Mediterranean Feta cheese and is served with fresh fruit for a balanced breakfast meal.

When it comes to becoming a healthier truck driver and owner-operator, turn to AAOO for information and support. Of course, this list is only when you have to eat out in a restaurant. Stay prepared and take a look at some of our healthy recipes you can make inside the truck.

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