5 Tips To Give 4 Wheelers

5 Tips To Give 4-Wheelers

Do you feel like a lot of 4 wheelers have no regard for your safety or their own? We’ve compiled a list of tips that you can give your 4 wheeler friends in the hopes that some of them stick and everyone can be safer!

Blind Spots:

1) Try Not To Pass A Truck On Its Right Side

2) Don’t Be Too Close To The Back End Of the Trailer

3) Don’t Be Too Close In Front Of Trucks

Big trucks have big blind spots! Truckers will have some difficulty seeing what’s happening to the right of them, closely behind them, or closely in front of them. 

4) If You Do Pass A Truck On Its Right Side, Don’t Do So When The Driver Is Turning A Corner

Big Rig Trucks are HUGE! Obviously much larger than a car. They turn very wide, and will not always be able to avoid hitting a car if the car is too close. 

5) Drive At A Consistent Speed Around Trucks & Signal Far In Advance

Truckers are constantly having to try to read what surrounding drivers will do, particularly 4 wheelers, as they tend to be less careful. A sudden change in speed or a sudden lane change could shock a truck driver and cause them to react in a dangerous way because they weren’t exactly sure what you were doing or where you were going.

Source used: Smart-Trucking.com

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