5 Trucker Money-Making/Saving Tips

Top Money-Making/Saving Tips for Truck Drivers on the Road

1) Use a fuel card instead of a credit card to fill up
With a fuel card you can get 10 to 14 cents off per gallon on top of cash price at the pump.  No interest or annual charges with the card.  Learn more about how fuel cards work.


2) Use a load board

With a load board like DAT TruckersEdge, you don’t have to worry about taking empty trips or loads from low quality score brokers because they share every broker’s credit files (average broker credit score is 94 out of 100).  Not only do you know that you are getting a quality load but this load board is the largest load board in North America.  You can try this out free for 30 days with no commitment (you can cancel anytime).  Use the promo code: PROMO716 to get 30 days free.  Try out the load board today!

3) Buy tires for your truck online
You can save 30-40% off retail commercial tire prices by buying them online.  Your tires will ship to you for FREE and they will ship them direct to you or your favorite mechanic.  Check out the tires and their prices.

4) Get truck insurance with us
Our sister company, Guardian Insurance, operates with honesty to help you find the best quote possible and if they can’t, they will let you know what your next steps should be.  Get started by filling out the quote form.


5) Protect your career
Enroll in a program that can help you protect your CDL.  You can join our CDL protection plan where you will have access to local CDL attorneys to fight your out of state tickets and violations.  The best part is they have a 92% success rate at getting them dismissed.  Fill out the short form to get more information.

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