5 Ways To Cure Boredom While Driving

5 Ways To Cure Boredom While Driving

As much as you love trucking, you may not love the long spans of time where you feel like you can’t do anything but drive. We know how tough that can be, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you can do to cure your boredom while driving!

1) Listening To Audiobooks

There is so much knowledge and entertainment that can be had through reading. As we know, you can’t (or shouldn’t) read while driving. An alternative that not everyone thinks about is listening to someone reading a book instead. These books can range from a story of fiction for entertainment to self help books such as “Think And Grow Rich”. All you have to do to get started is download an app on your phone made for audiobooks and either play it from your phone or connect your phone to the truck’s stereo system via bluetooth. 

2) Podcasts or Talk Radio

Not only are podcasts and talk radio a good way to cure boredom, but they also can help you stay awake. There are so many topics out there that anyone can surely find something that interests them. Most people know of talk radio, but a fair amount have not yet explored podcasts. If you don’t know, podcasts are sort of like the radio, but online. You can listen to your favorite host talk about trucking, fishing, politics, or whatever interests you!

3) Listening To Music Via Online Radio

Of course I know you know how to listen to music on the radio. However, some do not fully understand internet radio. The difference between the radio in your truck and radio from online is that there are so many more options online. Not only that, but you can avoid listening to advertisements every other song. Some of the most popular avenues of listening to a radio station online are apps like Pandora and Spotify. Both of these companies allow you to pay to not ever hear ads, and Spotify allows you to go 30 minutes without hearing ads if you watch (or listen) to one short video (15-30 seconds) when you first turn on the app. Lastly, the best thing about online radio is that it’s custom to you. You can choose a station based on a genre of music or a musician that you like, and lots of other similar artists will play. If you don’t like something, you can downvote or skip it. If you do, you can like it or add it to a playlist. This helps whatever application you are using determine what you like and over time, you will have a radio station perfectly tailored to your tastes

4) Call a Friend or Family Member

You never know how great of friends you could be with someone until you try, right? Sometimes, truckers are so focused on the road that they forget to connect with people they are close to or would like to be close to. If you aren’t sure who to talk to, there are apps such as Random Contact that will have a contact randomly appear on your screen for you to talk to. Also, if you don’t have their number but have them on Facebook, Facebook now allows you to make calls!

5) Play a Game

This may seem silly, but think about it. You’ve got a long drive ahead of you and need to do something, right? A fun game you could play while still being able to focus on the road is where you guess things about other drivers. Maybe based on how they look, what car or truck they drive, or what they are doing, you guess what kind of person they are. Maybe you guess what kind of music they like, what their hobbies are, if they are introverted or extroverted, etc. 

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