6 Tips To Save Money On The Road

There are many ways you can lose money, and many ways to make money when trucking. We go over 6 essential ways you can save money while on the road.

1) Fuel Card

A good fuel card should save you $0.10 – $0.15 per gallon and offer a cash price.

Savings Per Year: Approximately $2,300

Get a fuel card with $0.14 off per gallon.

2) Get a Health Insurance Plan

Get a health insurance plan designed specifically for truckers that offers dental, vision, critical illness, etc.

Savings Per Year: Potentially over $15,000

Call (888) 553-9310 for more info on this health insurance plan for truckers and use extension #2266 (AAOO).

Or click to learn more.

3) Find Free Entertainment

Do a quick google search for free fun things to do in your area, wherever you may be. There are more than you might think. You can also take advantage of free entertainment online, such as Spotify for streaming music, Sony Crackle for TV shows & movies, or Stitcher for podcasts.

Savings Per Year$2500 on average

4) Use the #1 ELD Service

This service has no installation of equipment fees and the ELD syncs with your phone or tablet.

Savings Per Year$225 on average

Learn more about the #1 ELD for owner operators.

5) Roadside Assistance

Can offer a tow, a replacement key, tire replacements, etc.

Get a $100 discount on roadside assistance!

Savings Per Year$600 on average

6) Eat Food That You prepare, Rather Than Eating Out

There are many easy recipes out there & foods like bread, fruit, & deli meat are simple solutions too. With a power inverter, you can use small kitchen appliances in your truck.

Savings Per Year$4,200 on average

Go to AAOO’s recipe page.


For more ways to save money (and make more) go check out the benefits that AAOO offers.