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Our audience is made up of over 200,000 owner-operators. small fleet truckers, & their families who make up all the buying decisions for their business.  Our goal is to deliver quality products and services that help truckers live better on the road, save money, and make it home safe to their families. 

89% of trucking companies in the US are 5 trucks or less. 

That’s who we serve

Join us in helping the men and women that work hard and sacrifice to make everyone’s life better.

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We can track how many impressions and clicks your ad receives on the website


We provide the ability to advertise and track your ad so you know exactly how your ad is performing

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Industy Avg. Open Rate: 20.44%
AAOO Open Rate: 28%+
Industry Avg. CTR: 2.25%
AAOO CTR: 4.5%

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We have an extremely loyal and engaged audience that we know well enough to give them the content that they want.


Mighty Truckers Facebook Group

The Mighty Trucker is a Facebook group we created to build a place for truckers to meet people, talk about their life, ask questions, post memes, learn from veteran drivers, etc.

It quickly grew to over 30,000 members in about 1 year and accepts new members daily.

150-200 posts per day and 750 comments per day 

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