Trucker Recognized For Traveling 9 Million Miles Accident Free

[info from Summer Tadlock on wlbt.com] JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – You see truck drivers at truck stops, and pass them […]

Casting Call For Truckers

Do you have years of experience driving an 18-wheeler? Have you driven 1000s of miles to ship goods? Do you […]

Fines for trucking violations increased

[from Matt Cole at Overdriveonline.com] The U.S. DOT announced Tuesday it has increased fines across the board for violations of […]

This dump truck driver filmed a hilarious spoof of ‘Ice Road Truckers’

[info from Wimberly Patton at CDLLife.com] This “Dirt Road Trucker” is showing the internet just how much drama it takes […]

Trucking Gets Creative in Attracting Young Technicians With Games

[info from ttnews.com] Millennials and Generation Z have grown up surrounded by sophisticated technologies — such as video games and […]

Trucker Who Used Fake Name Blames Company For Not Catching Him Sooner

By Matt Miller – mmiller@pennlive.com Gonzalo Montanez had quite the scam going. When he was cited repeatedly for driving without […]

Trucking company rallying around 10-year-old boy in need of kidney

SALINA, Kan. (KSNW) – The community of Salina is rallying around 10-year-old Hayden Murnahan. Murnahan was diagnosed with stage IV […]

The First Trucking Company With No Drivers

Starsky Robotics has accomplished a feat in autonomous trucking— self-driving trucks that don’t have a person in the cabin. As of June 16, […]

Trucker Makes Masterpieces On His Truck

One day in 2016, as Arnulfo Gonzalez waited at a warehouse to pick up cargo, he stared at the filth […]

Trucking jobs reach an all-time high

Just a few months after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics debunked the driver shortage myth, a separate report from the […]

Female truckers allege they suffer sexual harassment as they haul goods marketed to women

Not long after Claudia Lopez began her career in trucking, a male colleague began to touch her back and legs […]

The UGLY Truth Of Trucking

This trucker tells what it can really be like when you feel you have no options.

Amazon Tries to Take on the Entire Trucking Industry

It’s leveraging its own size and relationships to enter a new industry. At roughly the same time Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) quietly let it be […]

Top 10 Useful Mobile Apps For Truckers

Drivewyze Do you hate getting caught up at a weight station? Say no more. Drivewyze features an app that truckers […]

What Happened With Black Smoke Matters Protest?

[info from businessinsider] Around 30 truck drivers staged a protest in Chicago on Friday, April 12, NBC Chicago reports. The truck […]

Peterbilt partners with Women in Trucking

Peterbilt Motor Company has pledged at least $25,000 in support of the Women in Trucking Association (WIT), becoming the organization’s […]

Trucking companies forced to operate ‘illegally’ after DMV printer glitch

Many truckers say that they had to make the choice between operating illegally or shutting down their business for weeks. […]

Soldier turned trucker saves a life while waiting to get unloaded, says company

  [from CDLLife.com] A trucking company is sharing the story of how one of their drivers saved the life of […]

Top 10 Trucker Gadgets

We have selected the best trucker gadgets out there right now so you can have your greatest life! Perfect for […]

What Is A Trucker Buddy?

Long-lost siblings discover each other, leading to unique relationship between trucker, students   [From kokomoperspective.com] When Howard Elementary School second-grade […]

Trucking Law: Can you refuse to drive in poor weather?

Trucking Law: Can you refuse to drive in poor weather? Every year drivers are fired for not driving in poor […]

Could Driverless Vehicles End Careers for Truckers?

The trucking industry has long faced a driver shortage, in part because of high risk, low pay and long hours. […]

Do You Hate Going To The Doctor?

Do You Hate Going To The Doctor?Don’t you wish you could go to the doctor’s office while you were at […]

5 Trucker Money-Making/Saving Tips

As a trucker, especially as an owner operator, you are always looking to save money on the road. Here are […]

34 Tools for the Ultimate Trucker Tool Kit

Every trucker, no matter if they are an owner operator or a company driver, needs a well put together tool […]

New Partnership with Harbour Capital

Harbour Capital and the American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO) on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, announced a strategic partnership to […]

When to Replace Your Truck

When is the best time to replace your truck? There is no one correct answer to this question. Independent truckers […]

Owner Operators & Truck Financing: 5 Benefits

Buying your first truck or buying another truck to start building a fleet is a big expense.  Most owner operators […]

5 Reasons Truckers Might Be Feeling Sluggish on the Road

It’s no secret that trucking is a very demanding job that can take a toll on your physical, mental, and […]

5 Ways To Cure Boredom On The Road

As much as you love trucking, you may not love the long spans of time where you feel like you […]

5 Tips To Give 4-Wheelers

Do you feel like a lot of 4 wheelers have no regard for your safety or their own? We’ve compiled […]

6 Tips To Save Money On The Road

There are many ways you can lose money, and many ways to make money when trucking. We go over 6 […]

Get Help Developing A Business Strategy w/ Status Transportation

Status Transportation assigns each owner operator a dedicated freight coordinator to help them develop a business strategy to ensure profitability. […]

4 Ways Truckers Can Spend More Time At Home

Chad Boblett, owner operator and owner of Boblett Brothers Trucking reveals the strategies he’s used to average fewer than 30 […]

Improve Your Safety Scores

The CSA Safety Management System allows safety officers and truck company owners to better understand and improve safety performance.See exactly […]

Creepiest Things Seen By Truckers

It’s almost Halloween! We thought it would be neat to share some stories of creepy things that truckers have seen […]

Things I Learned From My Trucker Husband

A wife that had no idea what her trucker husband went through details the 4 lessons she learned while being […]

Identical Twins – A Trucker and an Athlete – Shows The Benefits Of Exercise

The results indicate that our life choices, as opposed to our genetic makeup, may play a larger role in our […]

Watch This Trucker Help a Stranded Rider on a Busy Freeway

It’s happened to all of us. There we are just cruising along enjoying the ride when suddenly the engine cuts out, […]

Keep Your Pets Healthy With Our Pet Insurance!

We have just rolled out this benefit and you can even get 10% off by going through AAOO! Click here […]

Tax Cuts & Job Acts

The year is quickly coming to an end. The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act results in significant changes to tax […]

A Most Unusual Truck Stop

When planning a trip, we often search for an unusual business, place or activity that might result in a good […]

30,000 Indian-American Truckers

There is a massive trucker shortage, and the trucking industry has had an emergence of  over 30,000 Indian-American drivers. Why? […]

Lettuce Is Screwing Up The Trucking Industry

The lettuce recall is causing a lot of setbacks in the trucking industry. How? Click here to learn more.

How Do Pets Help Truckers?

We all know that pets are loved by many. But how exactly do they help truckers? Click here to learn […]

Many Carriers Threatened To Quit After ELDs. Did They?

Four months before the ELD mandate took effect, DAT did a survey to learn how truckers planned to deal with […]

Black Smoke Matters Strike In April

Truckers are organizing a strike in April. Find out why. Click here to learn more.

Top 10 Characteristics of Great Truckers

Are you a great trucker according to these 10 traits? Click here to learn more.