Creepiest Things Seen By Truckers

Creepiest Things Seen By Truckers

It’s almost Halloween! We thought it would be neat to share some stories of creepy things that truckers have seen on the road to get you in the Halloween spirit!


A driver for Costco was driving late in Kentucky when the road started to fog up worse than he’d ever seen. He stopped to wait it out, and after five minutes his truck cut out—no lights, no engine, nothing. He tried the radio but couldn’t reach anyone, and the engine wouldn’t turn over. He then heard a child crying nearby, which “slowly morphed into a woman crying.” He rolled down his window to ask if anyone needed help. The crying stopped. Then he heard a sinister laugh. He rolled up the window, and the laugh got louder. Then it stopped. When the fog cleared, his truck started back up, and he stopped at the next truck stop, to discuss the eerie situation with fellow truckers.


Here’s a story right out of a Stephen King novel. A trucker was driving on the highway. It was getting really late and very dark so he pulled over into the rest area in “the middle of nowhere.” The rest area was empty, so there were no other vehicles or people around.As he was getting some shuteye in the truck, he heard the faint sound of a barking dog nearby, that seemed to be getting louder and louder.

Eventually, the barking sounded like it was right outside his driver side door, so he got up to look in the window… and saw that it wasn’t a dog, but a crazy-eyed person, staring directly at him! He was trying to get into the truck. Needless to say, the trucker started the engine and got out of Dodge.



A trucker relayed a story of when he was driving from the US into Canada. He usually carried a firearm, but couldn’t take one into Canada. One night in Canada, the trucker wakes up and sees a guy in his truck. The intruder shows the trucker he has a machete, then he goes back looking through the guy’s stuff. Even though the trucker didn’t have a firearm, he had a flare gun, which he pulled on the intruder. The machete-wielder slowly got out of the truck, then took off running. The trucker let loose the flare as a warning, which accidentally struck the man fleeing. It didn’t do much harm, so the trucker took off down the road.


For the first couple of years driving, this man was a night driver. It got hard to see sometimes. One night, in Pennsylvania, the trucker was following a flatbedder through the mountains. At one point he fell back because he could feel the van leaning. Shortly after, he saw a man standing on the shoulder, just outside the treeline, wearing what appeared to be a soldier’s uniform—but, like, Revolutionary War era. He also had a musket. He then started walking back into the trees and stared at the trucker. Before he made it to the trees, he vanished into thin air. The trucker said he had the windows down and the air got really cold, and a mile after that, the air got warm again…


Another one out of a horror novel, this is one from Missouri. The trucker was stopped at an off-ramp, taking a breather. As he’s resting, he sees a little girl approaching him, who says, “Hi, mister!” The trucker thinks, “What is this little kid doing out here at this time?” He says hi.She says, “My mommy says you’ll be okay, don’t worry!” The trucker left, completely confused.

Down the road, he realized he’d forgotten to fuel up. He scrambled back to the nearest truck stop, and as he was rolling up, the truck sputtered—he made it right to the fuel line before running out of gas. That’s when the little girl’s words hit him.

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