Should Truckers Have Pets?

Should Truckers Have Pets?

Trucking can be a great job; however, the loneliness of the road can tend to take a toll on someone. Long hours on the road with nobody but yourself can become monotonous if you’re by yourself. Fortunately, some pets are adaptable to the trucking life. Truckers with pets tend to be happier if they have a furry friend.

Mental & Physical Health

First and foremost, a truckers mental health will markedly improve with the presence of a pet. Feeling content with being stuck in traffic isn’t so hard when you’ve got a friend with you. The CDC has found that pets can reduce stress.

Additionally, your risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer are reduced due to taking your pet on walks/bathroom breaks. Walking your dog and exercising with them will greatly reduce your risk of illness.

Added Safety

Even better so, pets add a sense of safety, particularly dogs. Female drivers find they feel more safe with a dog travelling with them. Some truckers travel with dogs that are big enough to pose a threat to any potential intruders. Depending on your tax situation, your pet care expenses are tax deductible.

Tips for Safely transporting your dog in your pickup truck | BullRing USA

What You Need

Always check with your carrier if you’re not independent. If you’re an owner operator, you need to have pet insurance and all your pets vaccinations need to be up to date. Additionally, you may also need to pay a deposit to your carrier.

Pet Care on the Road

Now, here are some basic things you can do to ensure your pet is comfortable with you while adapting to the road.

  1. Keep fresh food and water on hand at all times.
  2. We recommend keeping bottled water. Water at fuel islands is not always safe.
  3. Keep your pets vaccinations up to date.
  4. Regularly walk/exercise your pet. The cabs of semi trucks are not spacious enough to allow for stimulation of your pet.
  5. If you have a cat, keep a scratching post with you to keep it from scratching up your interior.

If you can, avoid pets over 25 lbs. Generally, pets over this size will be too big for your cab. Also, keep a leash nearby for any time you need to leave the truck. You don’t want to risk your furry friend running off while your on a long delivery.



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