Truckers Under Attack on Mississippi Interstates

Truckers Under Attack on Mississippi Interstates

Truck drivers in Mississippi express growing concern after several drivers are attacked from overpass via thrown objects.

Andrew Meeks shares his concern on Facebook. Meeks states that “large objects and rocks” are being hurled at trucks from the overpass on I-20 in Mississippi.

Meeks writes: “My wife Brandie Michelle Meeks and I along with 3 other drivers were attacked tonight on I-20 west bound in Mississippi, just east of Toomsuba mile marker 169. Large objects and rocks were being thrown or launched at big rigs from an overpass. Sounded like a cannonball hit the windshield.”

Meeks and his wife were fortunately uninjured by the incident. “It could have been much worse.” Meeks says.

However, Meeks friend, also a driver, was reportedly injured. He suffered an injury to the face from a projectile thrown off the overpass.

Via Ashley from CDL Life https://cdllife.com/2020/trucker-says-big-rigs-are-under-attack-on-mississippi-interstate/


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