Ultimate Trucker Calculator

Owner Operator Specifics

Miles Driven Most new owner operators drive between 10,500-15,000, per month.!
MPG of Truck If you don’t have a truck yet, estimate the MPG based on the type of truck you want to buy. Note: If you have a reefer, you may want to estimate the MPG a full gallon lower to account for your reefer unit.!
Average Price per Gallon Diesel Check out what the average price of diesel is in your area and across the country to find the number that best matches your company's routes.!

Company Specifics

Average Rate Per Mile Enter the same pay you are making now. It's important to set a wage per mile rather than taking whatever is left over in the bank account.!
Total Gross Income

Fixed Costs

Truck/Trailer Payment If you don’t have a tractor yet, estimate it. We've included a general amount as a starting point.!
Truck Insurance Most insurance companies offer a free quote. Note: Your insurance costs will be much higher if you're a new driver as compared to an experienced one.!
Health Insurance
Workers Compensation/Occupational Accident Insurance Most companies will have an Occupational Accident policy or Worker's Compensation policy. We've included the cost of Haulin Asset LLC's policy as a starting point if you don't have one yet.!
Registration, Licensing, Permits, etc. The annual fee to register your truck and trailer. It varies per state, but you can expect to pay at least $2,000. You can call your state's agency to get a better estimate on the actual cost.!
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Total Fixed costs: $ 0

Variable costs

Fuel :
$ 0
Maintenance and Repair This number varies based on how old your truck and trailer are. The newer the equipment, the lower the cost of maintenance and repairs. If you are unsure, estimate it at $1,250 a month. !
Fuel Tax
Legal Services
Lumper Fees
Scale fees
Travel Expenses (Hotel, Showers, Parking, etc.)
Miscellaneous Fees/Losses
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Total variable costs: $ 0
Company Total Net Income :
$ 0
Cost per mile :
$ 0
Revenue per mile :
$ 0
Profit per mile :
$ 0

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