CDL Protector

How Smart Owner Operators Keep Their CDL Protected

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AAOO CDL Protector — Tickets and violations, in and out of state, can threaten your license and your career.  Get a local, licensed attorney on your side wherever you are whenever you get a ticket or violation.  

Our CDL protection program is dedicated to fight for your rights even if you have already received an infraction or ticket.  Through the American Association of Owner Operators, you get CDL protection at the discounted price of $34.50 a month.  This saves owner operators and company drivers over $50 a year with AAOO as compared to owner operators that are not with our association!

  • 92% success rate in getting your ticket/violation removed or reduced
  • No out of pocket costs
  • Network of over 5,000 CDL attorneys across the nation
  • Coverage for your spouse
  • Covers your commercial truck as well as your personal vehicle
If you have any questions, , or would like to enroll over the phone, please call (800) 977-3977 and be sure to metion "AAOO" to get your discount.