Fuel Card

Fuel Card Made For Owner Operators & Small Fleets

AAOO Fuel Card — The fuel card from the American Association of Owner Operators is simply the best fuel card available for independent truck drivers!  Get our fuel card for free today!

AAOO members averaged $0.25 off per gallon on fuel!

Use the Fuel Card Savings Calculator below to see how much you would save with our fuel card:

  • 25 cents off per gallon on average (up to 70 cents off per gallon)
  • ZERO fees
  • ALWAYS cash price at the pump
  • Over 1,600 truck stops in the fuel card network
  • Generous weekly credit lines

If you have any questions or would like to get one of our fuel cards, please call (877) 914-5899 or you can fill out the form below and we will send some information to your email.