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DOT proposes requiring speed limiters on heavy-duty trucks, BUT doesn’t specify speed limit

The U.S. Department of Transportation Aug. 26 released a proposed rule that would require trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds to be equipped with speed limiting devices  (also known as speed governors or speed limiters), but the regulatory body did not propose a speed to which trucks would be limited.

The DOT appears to be leaning toward 60 mph, 65 mph and 68 mph as the potential limited speed, given the analysis on those speeds released within the rule.

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is fairly bare bones, offering little in the way of specifics  about what a final rule would look like. The proposal is more of a solicitation for feedback  from carriers and equipment makers about the technical aspects of requiring speed limiters and employing them on trucks already in use.

The DOT says speed limiters would “reduce the severity of crashes…and reduce the resulting fatalities and injuries.” To read the full article about the DOT's proposed speed limits for trucks, click here.

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