The LaneAxis Direct Network
LaneAxis is the industry’s first BROKERLESS Direct Freight Network. Carriers and Shippers can now “connect” to one another to establish direct relationships and long-term freight shipment opportunities.
Unlimited connections
One shipper-direct load covers Network membership
Shipper-direct freight
Free truck-specific navigation on loads run through system
AAOO dues included with 6-month membership
Guaranteed direct payment - Usually 24 hours after POD
Help build a long overdue shipper-to-carrer direct network
In-app access to AAOO benefits
FreightVISION™ is a mobile and desktop application connected to the Carrier/Shipper portals that automates load management and monitoring via real-time tracking
Simple Steps
Enter your DOT # into the network and Activate your account. Start building Shipper-direct connections today to create a better tomorrow for your trucking company.
Add your drivers, negotiate directly with Shippers, then assign loads via the FreightVISION app. Build trust and transparency with your existing Shippers by providing them a real-time tracking link.
Enjoy all system benefits including guaranteed direct payment following proof-of-delivery. Remember: we are NOT a load board – we are a Brokerless Direct Network built for the “long haul.”

Get a Free Demo

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Intrigued? Contact us to view a demo of the first “BROKERLESS” Direct Network. Gain a better understanding of how we’re eliminating the need for costly and inefficient intermediaries, as well as providing automated real-time shipment management from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery & settlement.
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