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AAOO vs. OOIDA: What Truckers Need to Know!
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Comparing Owner Operator Associations



AAOO Purpose OOIDA Purpose

The American Association of Owner Operator's (AAOO's) sole focus is to provide great benefits to help owner operators make and save more money as well as live healthier on the road.

OOIDA's main focus is to fight for truckers' rights.  They also provide a few benefits to their members.


This page was created to compare the benefits of the two associations and nothing else.  AAOO cares about the truck drivers' rights and does NOT support the ELD mandate.  It is not in our skill set to fight for the rights of owner operators and that is why we put all our efforts into giving truckers the best benefits possible.  We believe our benefits are far more valuable and effective than OOIDA's benefits.  Please take a look below and see for yourself.




AAOO Health Insurance OOIDA Health Insurance

- Our health insurance provider only works with truckers

- We provide a variety of different health coverage options from health, life, vision, dental, telemedicine and much more

Call us today at (972) 666-4752 to learn more and get covered

- Provides health coverage options

AAOO Fuel Card

OOIDA Fuel Card

- 14 cents off per gallon with our fuel card

- No transaction, monthly, or interest fees

- Network of over 1,200 truck stops

- Cash price ALWAYS

- Free for members

- 10 cents off per gallon

- No transaction fees

- Cash price can vary

AAOO Equipment Financing

OOIDA Equipment Financing

- Financing available for sleepers, dump trucks, day cabs, reefer trailers, dry vans, flat beds, and more!

- One page application

- Call us for more information at (866) 244-9958

- Financing available

- Application is long and confusing

AAOO Authority Help

OOIDA Authority Help

- DOT #

- Operating Authority

- MC #

- BOC-3

- Consulting from expert coaches

- Discounts on all products through AAOO

- Learn more about the services offered here or call us at (888) 652-0590

- Provides help

AAOO Load Board OOIDA Load Board

DAT Load Board

- First 30 days free

- DAT Load Board

- First 30 days free

AAOO CDL Protection OOIDA CDL Protection

- Largest network of CDL attorneys from CDL protection program

- 92% success rate in getting tickets, violations, and more dismissed

- Monthly discount

- Same CDL protection as AAOO

AAOO Factoring OOIDA Factoring

Our factoring program offers:

- Same day funding

- Great rates

- Fuel advances

- And a lot more!

- Average rate is 3%

- No tools to help you get your hard earned money fast

AAOO Tax Services OOIDA  Tax Services

Our business and tax help program provides truckers with tax, bookkeeping, accounting, and other services to help keep their trucking business running

- Monthly discount

- No help to run the back end of your trucking business

AAOO Roadside Assistance OOIDA Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance provides:

- Towing

- Tire repair and replacement

- Mobile mechanics

- Fuel, oil, fluid, and water delivery

- Lock outs

- Battery and part delivery

- Winching

- Truck and engine over haul financing

- One-time payment, unlimited use

- $100 discount

- When you break down, you pull out your wallet

- Pay $55 EVERY time you need assistance.

AAOO Tires  OOIDA Tires

- Get exclusive AAOO member pricing for tires (commercial & personal) from SimpleTire

- $50 to $60 off new and retreaded Michelin Tires

- Get discounts on tires from places like OctagonTire, Purcell Tire and Service Centers, Bauer Built Tires, and TCi Tire Centers


- We do NOT support ELDs but everyone (unfortunately) has to be compliant.  That's why we give the option for our members to get an ELD for only $20/month

- OOIDA is fighting a losing battle against ELDs and has no backup plan for when the ELD mandate is inevitably enforced

AAOO Truck Insurance OOIDA Truck Insurance

- Provides insurance for your rig from A+ rated insurance companies

Call (800) 325-9059 to get a quote now OR

Click here to fill out a form and request a quote

- Provides insurance for your rig through a risk retention program

- Not A+ rated insurance



 AAOO Membership Price  OOIDA Membership Price

$5 per month or $60 per year

$45 per year



 American Association of Owner Operators  OOIDA

For $5 a month, you have access to over $3,500 in savings.  We give you tools and resources to be successful and healthy as an owner operator truck driver.

Benefit Recap:

- Better fuel card

- Authority program

- Load board

- Factoring

- Roadside assistance

- Better tire programs

- Truck Insurance

- Health Insurance

- CDL protection

- Business tools & help

- ELDs

- Equipment Financing

For $45 a year, you have access to a mediocre set of benefits.  You might breakeven with an OOIDA membership if you are lucky.

Benefit Recap:

- Insignificant fuel card

- Slight tire discounts

- Limited roadside assistance

- Insurance

- Other useless benefits like a free subscription to their magazine that is already free to the public


Here is a question surveyed by OOIDA to it's members:


You need to ask yourself, "Why am I an OOIDA member?" or "Why am I thinking about becoming an OOIDA member?"


If you are an OOIDA member or thinking of becoming one because of their benefits provided, you probably are becoming a member for the wrong reason.


If you are an OOIDA member or thinking of becoming one because you want to support OOIDA in their legal action, then you are doing it for the right reason.  BUT you also need AAOO to gain valuable benefits to help you be successful as a driver.


Be a part of an association that can help you have a rewarding career.


Check out our benefits in detail


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