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The American Association of Owner Operators is a nationwide association created to benefit professional truckers and small fleet owners. It is the mission of AAOO to give our members the latest technology, benefits, and assistance so that they are able to successfully thrive in today’s trucking industry.

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“ AAOO has really helped me run my trucking business better. Trucking can be a tough job. So with just one call, I can get to whatever help I really need “
What other Truckers are saying about AAOO
Rated 5 Stars by AAOO Members

AAOO helped me get my own authority and helped me through the journey of starting out. If I would have tried to do this on my own, I probably would have been like most trucking startups...out of service.

Seth Ward
Seth M Ward

Going from company driver to owner operator is a big move but AAOO made it easy by helping me get my own health insurance, truck insurance, roadside assistance, & more. I now have all the benefits I did as a company driver, except I am making much more money now! Thanks AAOO!

Darryl Young
Young Trucking LLC

I run a small fleet of 5 trucks and decided to join AAOO to be able to provide benefits to my drivers at a much cheaper cost then doing it all myself. Now my drivers are happier making more money, and I'm happier not having to worry about driver turnover.

Tammy McLaren
Innovation Trucking and Logistics

I am enjoying being a member of AAOO. I appreciate the Expertise, Experience and Wisdom along with the many fine outstanding Features and Benefits of the AAOO Membership Benefit Program. Thanks for helping with my Income Tax Plans, Back Taxes Owed, Back Taxes Help and O/O Business Plans. Here's to many Successful Years of Trucking!

Pat Kehoe
K.S.G.I., Inc.

The fuel card alone has saved me $1,000's of dollars. The membership pays for itself + more!

Tom Mitzel
Mitzel Trucking

I was on the verge of being put OOS before I found AAOO. They helped me get the tools I needed to only keep running but to keep running while increasing my income a lot!

Jenny Nosic
Jenny's Trucking

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about AAOO:

With an AAOO membership, we can get you your own authority, DOT #, and MC # for only $475 compared to the non-member price of $499.

You can call (888) 652-0590 for more information on authority and related topics.

No. You can be in the process of getting your first truck or you could have 100+ and still join.
Yes, you can although not all of our benefits are accessible outside of the United States of America.
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For only $5/month, you can become a member of the fastest growing owner operator trucking association and gain access to amazing benefits to help you make and save more money on the road!


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