Quality over quantity here, especially if you are planning to use weights while squatting.  Keep that back STRAIGHT!  Also, make sure you do some stretching before and after doing this exercise to prevent injury here

Muscles worked:

This exercise focuses on your legs primarily your thighs, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, and your glutes.

Squat Benefits:

– Helps maintain mobility

– Increase vertical jump

– Increase your sprint

– Works more muscles at one time than almost any other exercise

– Releases large amounts of testosterone which fuels your other muscles and exercises done after squatting

– Improve balance

– Helps prevent injuries

– No matter if your goal is to lose weight, tone, or something else, the squat is essential

– Helps gain flexibility

Take the Squat Test:

See where you are at physically by taking the squat test.  Do as many bodyweight squats as you can at one time and see where you rank below.

 Men Age: 18-25Age: 26-35Age:36-45Age: 46-55Age: 56-65Age: 65+
 Excellent >49>45>41>35>31>28
 Above Average39-4335-3930-3425-3821-2419-21
 Below Average31-3429-3023-2618-2113-1611-14
 Very Poor <25<22<17<9<9<7
 WomenAge: 18-25Age:26-35Age: 36-45Age: 46-55Age: 56-65Age: 65+
 Excellent >43>39>33>27>24>23
 Above Average33-3629-3223-2618-2113-1714-16
 Below Average25-2821-2415-1810-137-95-10
 Very Poor<18<20<7<5<3<2

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