In-Cab Satellite TV is Here

EXCLUSIVELY Available Direct to AAOO Members ONLY!

Get access to your favorite shows, the big game, and the latest news all from the comfort of your truck.  With the EpicVue satellite TV (DIRECTV is the provider), you can now stay connected no matter where you are.

  • You don’t need internet
  • You can record all your favorite programs
  • DIY installation or have it professionally installed

All AAOO members can get satellite TV in their truck for 20% off!

You MUST be a member to take advantage of this deal.  Make sure you are logged in before clicking to purchase.  If you are not a member, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial and take advantage of this deal. 

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DIRECTV Subscription Plans for AAOO Members

  • Basic $31.20/month (after discount)

    With the Basic package you get 100+ channels of DIRECTV straight to your cab. No contract, month-to-month subscription gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to focus on your business.

  • Epic $35.20/month (after discount)

    The EPIC package brings you 120+ channels, all your top sports channels including ESPN/ESPN2, NFL Sunday Ticket and DVR capabilities while you’re parked or sleeping.

  • Epic Premium $39.20/month (after discount)

    For the ultimate package, EPIC Premium is what you need. 130+ Channels, including ESPN/ESPN2, NFL Sunday Ticket, the best of SHOWTIME Television and the ability to watch and/or record while your truck is inMotion!

Some Included Channels:

You are a hard working driver and you deserve to have quality down time watching your favorite shows and sports.

Improve your quality of life today with in-cab staellite TV from EpicVue!  NO CONTRACT REQUIRED!

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