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Do You Hate Going To The Doctor?

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Don’t you wish you could go to the doctor’s office while you were at your truck stop? AAOO has just partnered with Urgent Care Travel to make this possible! 

Urgent Care Travel can be conveniently found at Pilot Flying J truck stops and offers everything your doctor’s office does without the hassle and waste of time.

UrgentCareTravel (UCT) is partnering with AAOO to help their members stay healthy and on the road. 

• 48% of the drivers on the road today have a pre-existing condition like hypertension, diabetes or obesity that limits their DOT certification to 1 year or less.

• Drivers suffer from diabetes at a rate of almost 50% higher than the rest of the US population. • Drivers leaving the workforce due to health issues contribute to high driver turnover. • Drivers with 3 or more medical conditions have a significantly increased rate of preventable DOT reportable crashes and preventable crashes with injuries. 
Drivers with untreated health conditions have a profound financial impact on themselves and on the industry:

 • Heart attack, stroke, blindness, amputation and worse, all of which cause drivers to lose their job and their family’s financial security

• Increased recruitment and retention costs

• Decreased driver productivity • Increased insurance costs 

Drivers are leaving the workforce as their medical conditions are left untreated due to high insurance deductibles, the lack of affordable healthcare options and the lack of convenient medical clinics on the road. 
UrgentCareTravel operates a growing network of medical clinics located at Pilot Flying J locations, each with 100+ truck parking spaces. Drivers save 4-6 hours of downtime, and hundreds of dollars, each time they visit a UCT clinic due to the convenience of having a medical clinic where they already fuel, eat and park. 
UrgentCareTravel is offering to AAOO members “UCT Health Network”, its affordable health membership plan that includes:

• Health Coaches,  • Personalized Health Plans for drivers who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other conditions, • No co-pay / no deductible in-clinic services, including DOT Physicals, primary care services, flu shots, and more, • Telemedicine services.  
UCT Health Network pricing: • Individual:  $100/month     AAOO member:   $95/month  *** • Family:  $150/month  AAOO member:  $140/month *** 
*** Includes AAOO Monthly Membership   

 There are two ways that AAOO members can take advantage of the special offer:

• Online at https://www.ucthealthnetwork.com/sign-up  with special AAOO Reference Code (“AAOO-A”)

You can also call (310) 471-3753

• At any UCT clinic by mentioning your membership with AAOO 
UrgentCareTravel clinic personnel will be aware that AAOO members receive a discount on UCT Health Network.